Money / Cash in Transit

The Money policy covers loss of cash under any of the following circumstances:

  • Loss of money at your premises during business hours, or in specified safes or strong rooms.
  • Loss of money in transit
  • Loss of money in the custody of an authorized employee
  • Loss of, or damage to safes or strong rooms insured in the process of a theft or an attempt thereat

Additional extensions to the cover available include;

  • Riots & Strike
  • Personal Accident / Assault
  • Loss of keys (replacement)

For proper risk assessment the Insurers require the following information:

  • Maximum limit required to be covered in respect of any one transit.
  • Route and frequency of transit (daily/weekly or monthly etc.)
  • Total estimated annual transit.
  • Limit in respect to money kept in safe.
  • Iron Safe Specifications (make, model, lock type, colour, height, width and breadth